by Emma Smith June 01, 2018

The mountain biking community are going nuts for this gadget! The reason for this is that the ShredMate is the first bike computer designed purely for mountain bikes and can provide you with all the info you need to make you a smoother rider. 


The motion sensor connects directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth and tracks every detail of your ride, including tracking your jumps, speed, G forces and distance. It detects rough trails and maps your route. ShredMate locates, tracks and measures your jump air time – and landing g force. By training to reduce your landing g force, the bike computer makes you a smoother rider.

ShredMate detects peak g forces – tight corners, g-outs (and even the odd crash!) and displays these g forces on the map.

The sensor automatically detects when you’re riding a rough trail. ShredMate lets you view each trail separately, so that you can easily view detailed telemetry for the sections of your ride that matter the most. It then shows your route as a trace that changes colour depending on how fast you go. Red for Fast, Green for Slow.

ShredMate tracks your progress over time, with all of this exciting new information you can improve your ride and your skill.

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