Applications for our ambassador program have gone through the roof, please feel free to apply, but there may be a bit of a delay getting products to you.

Kit Radar are looking for sports equipment enthusiasts to join our ambassador program. Our ambassadors get to trial the latest sports products for free in exchange for honest written reviews. The reviews are then shared with our engaged community through our newsletter and social network.

More about the process:

  1. Sign up for the ambassador program via The Members Club
  2. Each week you will receive an email detailing the latest test(s)
  3. Register interest in that test via the sign up process
  4. There may be only a few samples to try, so the most appropriate testers will be selected for the trial. New ambassadors will only receive lower value products until we establish a level of trust
  5. The products will be sent and the test begins
  6. All testers will be guided through the written feedback process which will be conducted via email. Testers must also take photos of the experience (unpacking, in use, etc)
  7. Once the feedback process has been completed, we will pay for the product to be returned (specified in the original test email) or let you keep the product for FREE!
  8. Our most engaged and trusted ambassadors get to keep £1000's worth of products a year

Any questions please contact:

Sound good?

To join, please join our members club and we will send a questionnaire to understand your particular interest in sport.

Our tests are worldwide because our startups are worldwide, but the majority of testing occurs in the UK. Please sign up if you are outside the UK but we can't guarantee tests in your country.

Thanks for reading and look forward to you joining our community of ambassadors!

Dr Bryan Roberts & Peter Smith