Redshift Sports ShockStop Absorbing Bike Stem

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An adjustable-stiffness suspension stem that smooths out your ride. Designed for cyclists who are suffering from:

  • Numb hands
  • Tingling or numb fingers
  • Dull acheing wrists
  • Sore or stiff neck / shoulders

What are the ShockStop stem features?

The information given below is a shorter version of our comprehensive Redshift Sports shockstop stem review and FAQ

The stem has been designed to reduce vibration through a clever elastomer suspension system. As with all suspension systems, a bike fit may be the best solution to your ailments, but this suspension stem is your best mechanical solution. The Shockstop aims to improve:

  • Comfort - Reduce shock and vibration transferred to your hands and wrists. 
  • Ride faster and at the same energy level over rough, uneven roads.
  • Energy - Your body absorbs less shock, saving energy and less fatigue.
  • Control - Focus on the road instead of dodging bumps and cracks.

Why do I need a Shockstop stem?

  • Bikes should be comfortable, but ride more than a few miles and you realize very quickly that bikes are stiff, and they transmit every little bump straight to your hands and arms. After a while those impacts and vibrations make it hard to enjoy the ride.
  • The ShockStop bike stem does what gloves and extra bar tape can't: it isolates your upper body from the imperfections of the road, letting you ride further, faster, and more comfortably.

Who has the Shockstop been designed for?

ShockStop is designed from the ground up specifically for road and hybrid bikes - the suspension travel, weight, feel, and aesthetics are finely tuned to perfectly complement modern bikes and the roads we ride on.

Shockstop Stem Data reduces road buzz

What is available in the product range?

  • Sizes: 90mm-120mm in +/-6-degree and 30-degree
  • Suspension: single-pivot with a set of swappable elastomers, each of a different stiffness so you can dial in the perfect ride, and that everyone from performance cyclists to recreational riders and commuters can find the perfect fit.
  • Aluminum construction
  • Weight: 238 grams (size 90mm)
  • Fits 31.8mm handlebars - 25.4mm and 26.0mm shims available

Redshift Shockstop Specifications

How does the shockstop work?

The ShockStop dramatically improves the quality of your ride, without compromising steering responsiveness or detracting from the aesthetic of the bike. The subtle pivot design allows the front end of the bike to move up and down over bumps in the road while your hands follow a smoother path, cushioned by the elastomers inside the stem.

Computer mounts?

  • Garmin mount: Garmin, Powertap Joule, Cateye, Mio
  • Universal: all others

How to install shockstop stem?

The ShockStop Stem has been invented by Redshift Sports, Philadelphia, PA, USA following a successful KickStarter campaign in 2015. This followed the previous success of the Aero system (back in 2013) and the company has continued to expand and develop its product range.

Here's a little installation video that we threw together to help you install the shockstop stem



Customer Reviews

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Just what I needed

This is just what I needed to give me some comfort when riding over everyday bumps and potholes on my road bike. It has made all the difference and I am really delighted. It does what it says it should do and was easy to install (according to the friend who did so for me!!). My right wrist was suffering before and is now good as gold.

Really rather good !

I’m a bigger guy. Riding CX bike a lot more lately and on some pretty rough surfaces. Out of the box your first reaction is a little heavy but it’s a quality build. On the bike you realise the couple of hundred grams is totally negligible. It really works.
Two things I have found: I prefer a firmer ride with less travel so I’m on the maximum elastomer setting. Second, if you are a roady, don’t be obsessed with matching your road stem length. Go for 10-20mm shorter.
I’m on 100 and might have even gone 90. Road stem is 120.
This will be staying on the bike 100%.

Well made and works!

My Gravel bike has a small amount of shock absorption in the seat stem but nothing upfront and after a recent long ride on uneven tracks and paths, my wrists were in tatters. I fitted this Redshift stem and immediately noticed a welcome difference - it really does take the brunt of the hits and make the ride more comfortable and fun. I've gone 10kg softer inserts than advised (for my weight) which feels great on normal roads but will stiffen it up again for tracks. Clever bit of kit.

It works! Top service too.

Really wanted some front end comfort for gravel riding, having looked at forks that are £600+ saw the Redshift Shock Stop reviews and i must say it is bang on. Easy to install, straight swap out of the box stem for stem and it was a revelation first time out. Smoothed out gravel trails and paths and took the sting out of some big hits. In real terms this means the front wheel remains in contact with the ground not only addong comfort in that you are rattled around less but also aids forward momentum and stability. I initially kept it set up with the supplied elastomers before swapping to the ones recommended for rider weight,. This was a simple process using an allen key, making sure you follow the instructions and do not over tighten.
I found this gave a stiffer ride, fine for when i use my bike on the road but personally i would probably swap to a softer option for a more off road biased ride for the added comfort.
I must say i have been mightily impressed, it has 10mm less give than a gravel fork but at less than a quarter of the price and weight. It is a quality bit of kit, well made and looks good, though a 100g heavier than the stem i swapped out, to me this is negligible and more than compensated for by the comfort afforded, with no loss on out the seat efforts.
Together with an Ergon vcls seat post my bike is complete, just changing wheelsets for road or gravel, have ridden Viking MTB Challenge and roads in the Peak.
Heartily recommend, with excellent service from Bryan and team.

It really does work.

I fitted the Stem to my adventure bike. All through this summer I have suffered from a painful wrist strain that has limited the length of my rides. On my three rides since fitting, this has not been a problem. The rides have been on the poorly maintained back roads of the High Weald in Sussex and a section of bone dry South Downs Way. While riding I really haven't been aware of any movement from the bars, though there must be some for the stem to work! Well made too.