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A smart wristband that automatically tracks your golf performance. Shot scope with revolutionise how both professional and amateur golfers collect sports performance data and help improve their game.

What does Shot Scope do, you ask?

Monitor trends in your golf game and identify your strengths and weaknesses. The Shot Scope wristband operates in the background without interrupting play and provides insights previously only available to the top tour professionals.

How does the shot scope technology work?

Smart wearable technology that automatically collects your Golf performance data. The technology is a combination of electronics and embedded software technology that is targeted specifically to the golf market.

The wearer simply has to put on the wristband and insert small 1.2g tags into each grip, and then they are ready to play. These are waterproof and require no batteries!

Club sense technology then will automatically work in the background collecting scoring and statistics data. No tagging, No Phones, No interruptions so you can simply enjoy your game.

Who's behind this great invention?

David Hunter and entrepreneur and electronic design engineer is behind the great invention and he said 

“Golfers have always been obsessed with tracking performance and it is amazing that in 2015 so many golfers, even professionals, rely on data collected with paper and pen".

“Shot Scope changes that by automatically collecting over 50 performance indicators.” The Scotsman

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