by Bryan Roberts March 22, 2018

The story started when Tom Lawton was running one day and wondered, "If I could use some of the energy I use running to power lights that would keep me safe."

After months of prototyping he realised that it was possible. So after several months tinkering and as many sharp weeks of hard design effort I have perfected the product, which I called the Million Mile Light.

The Million Mile is powered by you, in the sense that everytime you move up and down during running, the lights flash.

Everything is battery-free meaning Million Mile can guarantee the lights for "a million miles" or 5 years. Try and get that from another brand!


In terms of specifications, the Million Mile Light is:

  • HYPERSENSITIVE: Powered by even the slightest movement; so it works for everyone, even kids, and dogs.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND WEATHERPROOF: With a full IPx6 water resistance rating, our new MML is fully life proof and will even survive a washing machine. 
  • ADAPTABLE & SECURE: Adjustable clip design and shock bungee fastener, it attaches in a multitude of different ways and stays on securely - even through your clothing. 
  • ULTRA BRIGHT - 30 LUMS: A single MML produces a 180º fan of light and ensures that you can be seen from all angles from up to 200 meters away. 

We are now on the 2nd Generation of lights, with a new stylish design that fits onto any running belt or waist hem.

We look forward to our first reviews of this exciting product!



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Bryan Roberts

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