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As cyclists, we have been in that situation where you are tootling along (with a loose chain or badly set up gearing) and your chain pops off. This is certainly going to happen when you are dressed up to the nines in your best work clothes, hands are clean and sparkling and your are rushing to a very important meeting. So the last thing you want to do is get your hands oily and greasy replacing that chain. Never mind lifting the bike up, turning it over, and getting oil on your clothes

Thankfully Rehook has come up with the perfect solution. A tool that helps get your bike chain on the gears in less than 3s!

Don't believe us? Watch the video above.


Rehook was created by Wayne Taylor after dropping a chain, and turning up late for a meeting, covered in oil. With a background running technology businesses, Rehook was a great opportunity to apply the latest 3D printing technology and rapid prototyping to product development. 

Rehook has achieved great performances in popular review websites:

"Never get your hands mucky again with this simple tool for refitting a dropped chain" -


If your bike chain tends to fall off a lot, then you will know how mucky, messy and oily your hands are after replacing it. 

Not any more, this unique and simple design will solve all your chain issues.


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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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