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by Bryan Roberts 1 min read

When we went to ISPO Munich (the largest multi-sports event / conference in Europe), we weren't expected to be blown over by a set of inflatable football goals, but we were!

As a young boy, keen to become a professional footballer (never happened by the way), I trained day and night at the local club in open netless goals. It was great having access all the time, but boy did it get tedious having to walk 20 yards past the goal to get the ball back. 

Wouldn't it have been great if my local club had a set of inflatable rigid goals that we could inflate in 90 seconds (and deflate in under a few minutes). Then we could have practised more!

Gorilla Training Inflatable Football Goals Gorilla Training Inflatable Football Goals for Match play Gorilla Training Inflatable Football Goals for Professionals

Gorilla Training from Phoenix Sporting Goods have developed 7 different types of inflatable goals ranging in size from Skills (4 x 3 ft) to Professional (24 x 6 ft).

These goals are:

  • Match approved
  • Portable, rigid and safe
  • Soft and flexible PVC hose
  • Inflated within 90 seconds
  • Supplied with 2 way pump and carry bag
  • Can be used for proper of 11 a side matches



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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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