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Picky Bars have exploded in America, with their real food, real flavours campaign. 

The Picky Bars crew are certainly one of the most interesting brands we have been in contact with - just have a look at their YouTube video channel

Picky Bars with real food and real flavours Cookie Doughpness Picky Bars with real food and real flavours in UK Picky Bars with real food and real flavours Cookie Doughpness in Wrapper

Jesse's, Lauren's and Steph's founding story is quite interesting:

"Wayyyy back in 2010, Jesse set his sights on being really fast on land, in water and on wheels (also known as a triathlete). He needed a bar that satisfied his nutritional needs: 

  • To eat before, after & even during workouts
  • Really digestible real food fuel

But the only bars on the market were either performance bars (full of gnarly ingredients) or real food bars (not balanced for sport). Enter Lauren, Jesse's other half. 

Anything is possible with a degree in science and athletic performance from Stanford (and the fact Lauren is a 2 x USA 5k Champ). So, Lauren started to create the new bars. Resulting in the untimely death of 10 x food processors. The whole process was helped by Lauren's Marathoner friend Steph (with celiac disease) to create a gluten free delicious success."

We got interested in Picky Bars because they are super tasty, and they have a serious bunch of athlete ambassadors, including Ultra Runner Rob Krar and track star Andrew Wheating.

New to the UK, we are excited with this launch. 

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Caroline Dean
Caroline Dean

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