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If you're worried about your safety whilst out running or exercising outdoors, this gadget might be for you. This is a intelligently designed way to ensure you can reach someone you trust instantly at the touch of a button, rather than fumbling for your phone in a stressful situation. 


Wearsafe turns your smartwatch or Wearsafe Tag into a modern-day, mobile panic button that gets you the right help, right away.

When you might not be able to make a phone call - at the first sign of trouble, press a discreet wearable bluetooth device and Wearsafe will use your smartphone to instantly send trusted friends and family an alert with all the information they need to quickly coordinate help.

The Wearsafe gives you the freedom to do what you love. Whether you're a runner, traveller, parent, have health concerns, or simply like feeling connected, this will give you the peace of mind you need. 

"...button that connects via Bluetooth to the wearer’s smartphone, is a whip-smart way to hit an actual panic button in case of emergency ...Wearsafe will alert your friends of your location, and even send audio of what’s been going on around you right before and after the button got pushed."  TIME

"pressing the little button is a lot more discreet and a whole lot easier than getting to their phone." USA TODAY



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Emma Smith
Emma Smith

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