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The Velosock is a simple but stylish solution to the problem of bringing your bike into your home (or even transporting it in your car) without getting dirt everywhere. Keep  your walls and floor clean, and your precious bike safe with the velosock bike cover! 


Machine washable and super stretchy to fit over any bike frame - this could save your relationship with your flatmates or your loved one who is fed up with bike grease up the walls and mud on the hall carpet. 

"For those looking for something that goes beyond a bell or horn for the newlywed bicyclists, it is an unusual and useful gift" New York Times




"Live in an apartment? Alienating your flatmates and/or loved ones with muddy bikes left in the hallway? Then you, my friend, need the Velosock" Bikeradar

"The sock will definitely help keep grease off objects surrounding your bike and any mud is kept contained within the sock" London Cyclist



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Emma Smith
Emma Smith

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