by Emma Smith June 08, 2018

OnCore Golf are certainly not afraid of trying something new. Their company is built on innovation. Bravely shying away from the tradition of solid rubber core construction, the Caliber golf ball is built around patented hollow-metal core technology that was so innovative, it caused the USGA to rewrite the rules as they pertain to allowable ball construction. Yes, you read that right, metal. In a golf ball. 


The Caliber is the most radical departure from traditional solid rubber core construction in nearly 30 years. With a 392 dimple pattern, their SoftCell mantle layer technology, and unique 0.900 inch hollow metal core, they've optimised their design to bring forth a product that does exactly what it was created to do.They claim that their patented hollow metal core creates significant rifle spin, while reducing side spin, allowing the ball to travel along a straighter trajectory similar to a bullet leaving the barrel. And the straighter the ball travels the further it will go! Putting is also improved due to the perimeter weighted design of the ball. 


"Whether a golfer is looking for a ball with some exciting technology to talk about, or something that is going to give good performance without breaking the wallet, OnCore Golf has consumers covered."



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