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This isn't something that we generally discuss here at Kitradar, but did you know that many factors, such as a sedentary lifestyle or ageing, can weaken or even damage your "love muscle"? And that even intense biking can harm your pelvic floor muscles?  A weak pelvic floor can lead urinary inconsistency, premature ejaculation, and in the worst cases - erectile dysfunction. Not something we think of as associated with the health benefits of cycling! Well these smart pants might be just the ticket to redress that. 

Most women know all about "Kegel Exercises" but it's high time that men got more comfortable with this essential practice too. To maintain a strong and healthy pelvic floor, doctors suggest that men contract the pelvic muscles on a daily basis. These exercises are known as “Kegel exercises”, named after Arnold Kegel, an American doctor who discovered the crucial function of the pelvic floor in sexual health.


Kegel exercises might sound simple at first, but they can be challenging in several respects:

  • Difficulty locating the pelvic floor muscles
  • Lack of motivation and guidance
  • Must be performed multiple times each day, for several minutes at a time, for one to three months, to begin to have an effect.

When lack of guidance and motivation is stopping your progress, VylyV Swift™ is here to change the game with accurate monitoring and personalised workouts.

It can be difficult to develop awareness of pelvic muscle so as to consciously train it. The VylyV sensing module can detect even the slightest muscle movement, and provide feedback during an interactive lesson. 

"... improve drive and sexual stamina and eventually multiple orgasms."The Verge

"...unlock the mysterious quest for the most wanted experience of multiple orgasms." GQ



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Emma Smith
Emma Smith

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