Polish company Lesovik have designed these beautiful and super lightweight tarps and hammocks for those who like to travel extremely light, but still stay comfortable and protected in the great outdoors. 


Both tarp and hammock are incredibly lightweight and take up a tiny amount of space. 

The ultralight hammock is perfect for people who count each gram of their gear in order to travel lighter, faster and further. It is record breakingly lightweight and small when packed, but does not compromise on comfort or durability. It is a whoopie sling style hammock with the SMUK ultralight adjustable suspension system and super-strong Dyneema fibres.

Lesovik tarps are an incredibly minimalist and intuitive shelter system that will protect you from adverse conditions. Quick to set up, it will give you a roof over your head whether you're sleeping in a hammock, on the ground or simply for use as a central meeting point in the camp. Providing protection from the elements and creating a roomy space for sleeping, cooking or organising your gear.

This is a fully functional and incredibly easy-to-use tarp. It features 11 attachment points and an integrated suspension and rigging system, allowing for setup using only one hand and without tying any knots!

Another advantage of the tarp in particular is this beautiful flame orange colour which in an unfortunate emergency would make you extremely visible to the emergency services. 

Both hammock and tarp are must-have kit for those who like to get out into the great outdoors without being weighed down by tonnes of stuff!