by Emma Smith June 25, 2018

I think it might be - and the secret is that you can customise it which makes it perfect for you. 


It starts with the usual design features that SPIbelt do so well - expandable pocket, which even the biggest phone will fit into... (OK, admittedly it doesn't fit a tablet, but if you're trying to run with an ipad, maybe you need to look into your commitment to running light) and you can still accessorise it to the max, with water bottles etc.

However what is new about this SPIbelt - The Glide - is that they've done away with the buckle and added a pocket! So now you can run with twice as much stuff!

This is great news if, like me, you absolutely need somewhere to keep those extra tissues, jelly babies, vaseline and keys, as well as your massive phone in the other pocket.

An extra advantage is that you can put the keys and stuff in one pocket, and the phone in the other and your screen won't get scratched, and you don't risk accidentally dropping your keys when you're taking yet another mid run selfie for your enormous Instagram following (I might be dreaming on that one). 

Plus it looks so funky, who wouldn't want one? 



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Emma Smith

Emma is the queen of our social media and editor of the Kit Radar Magazine. Always in pain from running on the track, Emma's has a passion for positive mental health from sport.

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