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Have you ever been known to try and massage out a back niggle against a door knob, or against a wall with a tennis ball? Did you get funny looks in the office? Well the second one would probably still happen, but the first one could be made a lot easier with this great back massager. 


Thera cane MAX helps you to easily manipulate and roller your back and eliminate painful knots in your muscles. The soothing penetrating massage helps muscles recover faster from overexertion. You can apply this deep pressure to sore muscles on your own. The unique, patented design delivers superior leverage and stability which makes it easy and effective for anyone to use. And now the two piece design means you can travel with it more easily too. 


"Reaching hard-to-get areas in the back, neck and hips...The unique J-shaped design and strategically placed knobs make it easy to apply the right amount of pressure to the trigger point" - Muscles and Fitness Magazine






Emma Smith
Emma Smith

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