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SMOOVE adds a phenomenal 124% more life to the chain … that’s about 2.25 X more chain life than top-tier oil-based chain lubes!

When we read article, we couldn't believe what we were reading. This can't be true, we said, because we have tried at least 20 different brands and never had anywhere near these results.

So we had to investigate.

SMOOVE is a wax impregnated bike lubricant, as opposed to the standard petroleum (more commonly known as oil) based lubricants from most manufacturers. There have been lots of previous tests to suggest that reapplying oil-based lubricants every 200 miles will make a standard chain last around 3000 miles. Which is of course good, but your typical club rider will need to replace their chain at least twice a season. Wax-impregnated chain lubes claim to double the durability of your chain and require less reapplication. If this is true this could save £100's per year.

There are other issues as well with standard lubricants. We have experienced that light chain oils don’t last long enough; thicker lubes grab too much dirt and become sticky, whilst heavy grease based lubricants are just too difficult to apply, and keep clean. 




So onto our first impressions of SMOOVE. After THOROUGHLY cleaning and drying our chain - unless you are as OCD as us about your bike, you probably want to start with a new chain - we applied SMOOVE.

Very easy to put on (there is a special nozzle), and after an hour of drying we hit the road. Turns out it was great! There was surprisingly little dirt on our chain, even after 700 miles, and it was running nice and smoothly all that time. We continued to apply every 700 miles and got the chain to last around 7000 miles total; which is pretty in line with

Using their analysis, they predict that this will save over £150 over a year in parts and maintenance, and we agree.

So if you are looking for a low-cost way to improve the durability of your new chain, whilst having a particularly dirt-free chain, we recommend SMOOVE. 


"Smoove makes some bold claims about its chain lubricant, and my experience so far is that it really works"


"Smoove lube last forever and keeps your chain running smooth."

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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