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Introducing Tailfin, one of those products that appears expensive at the outset (like the first Apple iPhones) but absolutely worth it, once you have purchased it.

Tailfin is a carbon bike rack and pannier set that demands respect. The Founder Nick Broadbent, was a chronic sufferer of bad design, fatigue and frustration when it came to commuting with current bike racks. Current bike racks, you know the aluminium ones, are tedious to put on, never really fit and look ugly. 

So Nick created a quick-release version, compatible with almost every road bike and styled it to perfection. The bike rack now compliments the road bike and makes eyes turn when on the road.

He has created to type of panniers to fit on the frame. Although you don't have to use them as in the package you will find a conversion kit to accept any panniers. The two pannier types are UD (Ultra-durable) and SL (Super-lightweight). Ultra-durable is for the long distance (audaxer?!) who is riding over 100 clicks a day, and is in-and-out of the bag regularly for food, camping equipment and sleeping bags. The super-lightweight version is for the snappy commuter who cares about every gram of weight on their bike. 

Tailfin Road bike rack and pannier system Tailfin Road bike rack and pannier system carbon  Tailfin rack and pannier fits all road bikes



To install the rack:

  1. Decide which axle type is right for your bike. The Tailfin rack comes with a novel axle to bear the weight of the bags rather than the frame, so you must choose between a quick-release or thru-axle to mount it correctly.
  2. Then simply open the quick release and slide it onto the axle. In our first attempt it took us 10 seconds!! 
  3. Take the other end of the rack and snap it around your seatpost. The clever seatpost "grabber" fits onto circular, oval and aero-shaped seatposts. Again a 3 second job.
  4. Finally, grab one of the bags and snap it onto the frame. There is a nice click and clunk noise when you fasten it to the rack. 

You will see all of these in the video above.

Other neat additions include the retro-fit mudguard to keep those splashes at bay, the stubby frame connectors if you would rather use the eyelets on your frame, the security screws to lock the Tailfin in place should you need to, and finally the carbon-effect look which is pretty cool if you ask us.

The Tailfin rack is one of the best designed products we have seen, that has created a new sector in cycling. Yes, its expensive at £399.99 for the full, double bag system. But if you regular commute or travel with a road bike, frankly there are no other decent alternatives. 


"Peerless stability, total absence of rattle, very light, incredibly quick and easy to fit and remove. 9/10"


"Tailfin’s T1 rack and UL pannier is an innovative luggage system that unlocks the latent utility of modern road bikes."

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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