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It has always amazed us that bikes never came with indicators. Taking your arm off your bike to signal is obvious granted, but scary the first few times you do it. Especially if you are travelling downhill towards a junction. 

Also, approximately 75% of accidents involving bicycles occur at major junctions and whilst turning. CYCL aims to reduce this figure by helping to increase cyclists' visibility in these dangerous areas. When using WingLights as a supporting visual aid, you are more likely to be seen by drivers and other cyclists - lowering the chance of collisions and helping to increase your confidence when riding.

Cycl created the magnetic WingLights a few years back, but have updated to a lower priced - screw-in alternative. The same simple design - simply press the light to activate for 45s, the POP WingLights pops into your straight handlebar for added safety and security. The action of tapping this light is much quicker and less wobbly compared to holding your arm in the air. 

This may not be for the pure-ists, but we feel it is a healthy addition to our commuter cycling range.

Cycl Pop Winglights Bike Indicators Cycl Pop Winglights white background Cycl Pop Winglights Cycling Indicators Straight Handlebar 

  • Straight Handlebars: Winglights are compatible with straight handlebars (flat bars) and handlebars with curvature up to 30°. They were not designed to be compatible with drop bars, bullhorn handlebars and cruiser bars.
  • Size: WingLights come with standard mounts which will fit into handlebars with an inner diameter of 14.9 to 22.0 mm.
  • Installation:  WingLights installation is quick and easy. The process takes under ten minutes and can be done at home.
  • Activation: WingLights are turned on and off by simply pressing the buttons positioned on the ends of the device. They turn off automatically after 45 seconds to prevent power wastage.
  • WingLights use 2 x CR2032 batteries per indicator (included in the pack), providing riders with up to six months of daily use.

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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