by Bryan Roberts April 16, 2018


The Putt Out putter training aid was recently voted best putter training aid of 2018 in Golf Digest, 19Hole Golf and GGFB. So it was high time we started to stock it.

Invented by Martin Riddiford of Therefore, a product design agency, the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer does three things well:

  1. Get the speed of the putt right
  2. Return the ball if you miss
  3. Fold away nice and neatly for storage

It is constructed from high quality, elastomer polycarbonate and the ergonomic design folds up to fit easily into your golf bag.

PuttOut Pressure Putter Trainer Putt Out Putter Training Aid PuttOut Pressure Putter Training Aid Ball returns 

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer simulates real playing conditions: the white rubber target is the exact size of a standard golf hole and you can increase the difficulty level by clicking the disc on the parabolic curve to open up the micro target – the aim here is to perfect not only your aim but your pace.

The functional design means when you hit the ball on target but too fast the ball will return the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed - great feedback for getting the pace just right.

"Having been to more than my fair share of golf trade shows where every gadget known to golfkind is on display, the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer stands out as a well-designed, well thought out product that is simple to understand, easy to transport, can be used inside or out and will enhance your putting practice sessions." GOLFALOT.COM

"PuttOut is a no-brainer, must-buy for the serious player. For less than the cost of a dozen tour balls, you can make your indoor putting practice fun and challenging." PLUGGEDINGOLF.COM

Special challenges you can try:

  1. Repeat Putt - 25 putts in a row, start again if you miss
  2. Perfect Putt - A perfect putt will stop in the micro target
  3. Match play Perfect Putt -Compete against friends for the most perfect putts!
  4. Killer Putting Drill - Increase putt length by 2 feet each time and if you miss, lose a life and go again



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