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Balance underpins all the different components of fitness, however ask any two different fitness fanatics with varied interest, they would often describe their chosen interest as the key component of fitness.

Almost everyone you speak to about fitness will have a different view as to what is the best method and what is important. These views are heavily influenced by our exposure, interest, role models, etc. Some would prefer thesleek Hollywood body, others would prefer the body of six times Mr. Olympia champion James 'Flex' Lewis, or some may even strive for the perfect hourglass figure (see images below).

Total fitness is not limited or defined by our appearance but is defined by the condition of being physically fit and healthy. The best way of assessing a person’s fitness, is to consider the ‘Five Components of Fitness’. This offers the best method of gauging how good a shape we are truly in. The 5 components that make up total fitness are:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body Composition

It is not simply enough to say that I am fit because I can bench press an impressive amount or you are fit because you can run a mammoth amount of miles, the five components above are all interlinked, which cannot be defined by appearance alone or a single component from the list.

But the truly most important building block of this linkage is ‘Balance’ which is achieved through the core. If the core is not balanced then the limbs cannot speak to each other, meaning the components do not come together to give us total fitness.

This is the very reason why sports men and women spend hours working on their core, firstly to gain performance and secondly to prevent injuries. This very principle of gaining performance whilst at the same time preventing injuries, is applicable even more to us ordinary beings with an interest in fitness or our health.

A solution for the general masses without coaches or instructors may just have been found by TE3, a Finnish based start-up. TE3 has developed an innovative digital training smart stick that guides motion through the vibration pulse while the application collects and analyses information about exercise at the same time.


The TE3 Smart Exercise Stick can be used for workouts, testing, rehabilitation and analysing body movement and functions. The for Smart exercise stick has been designed that it is currently being used adults and children in the home setting and by health professionals.

To further increase the credibility of the Smart Exercise Stick, TE3 has been approved by theU.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is the body that regulates medical device products intended for the use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of humans or other animals. Ask any company that has tried to get approval and they will tell you this is not easy!

The stylish and high quality TE3 balance smart stick directs you via its vibration and hones your concentration to a whole new level. The clear, visual feedback shows your progress.

Every aspect and feature of the TE3 balance smart stick has been well thought out and engineered. The stick measures and shows the number of imbalances in your body and the maximum range of motion of each exercise. The stellar technology of the stick forwards the information gathered to your mobile devices, for instant feedback or later use.

is the fundamental building block that helps the body to function, balance brings body symmetry. In an imbalance, the other half of the body have to work harder than on the other. In this case, optimum strength is reduced or desired trajectory cannot be performed. A large imbalance in the body can even cause tension and pain in the body leading to injury.

What TE3 have created is a Digital Training Stick, that;

  • Indicates exactly where the error occurs in the movement.
  • Guides to correct movement and to achieve an optimal range of motion.
  • Provides immediate feedback by vibrating feature when the stick differs from the ideal movement and/or when the stick is at an undesirable angle or position.
  • Displays some results such as deviation count on the digital screen of the stick
  • Collects data that allows you to monitor more results, to progress and to set new goals for the future development

The TE3 Smart Digital Training Stick allows the use to concentrate on one of the most important components of fitness – Balance.



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