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These amazing products from Hyperice are something like a cross between a vibraplate and a foam roller/massage ball. Giving you the benefits of both and helping you to warm up, activate muscles and recover faster and more effectively.




The roller (the Vyper 2.0 - they all sound terribly macho don't they?) features 3 speeds of high-intensity vibration and a 'dual zone smooth and grooved German engineered exterior'. 


The Hyperice Hypersphere is for more targeted release of tension. It helps to pinpoint and release trigger points faster, deeper, and less painfully using high-intensity vibration.


"We have yet to find anything that melts tight-muscle pain as well as Hyperice's massage ball" OusideOnline (Best running tech of 2017)

" certainly feels more than 10 times as effective. With just 30 seconds of rolling my calves, IT bands, and quads, I felt a *significant* difference (and I foam roll several times a week). The brand claims that using the Vyper 2 can improve your mobility by up to 40 percent, so I'm definitely going to be using this all the time now."  Popsugar (Best health and fitness gear).






Emma Smith
Emma Smith

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