by Emma Smith July 04, 2018

The team at Recoup certainly seem to think so! So they've come up with the Cryosphere, a cold massage ball. 


We've all heard of icing an injury, or those people who are WAY harder than me who have an ice bath to aid recovery, and we all know we're supposed to use the foam roller or massage ball after a tough session. Well this gadget combines both! The Cryosphere is a massage ball which provides all the benefits of a traditional massage ball, or foam rolling, in combination with ice massage or cryotherapy.  These two forms of muscle therapy help to decrease inflammation, aid in post workout recovery, and allow specific treatment for areas in need.

The Cryosphere comes apart so that the central cooling gel filled part can go in the freezer for two hours and will stay cold for up to six hours. 

It can be used anywhere on the body but is particularly therapeutic for shin splints, plantar fasciitis (the ball can be unscrewed from the handle and used on it's own, as per the image above for rolling with the foot), tight IT bands, quads, hamstrings, neck pain, back pain and carpal tunnel. 

"Playing soccer my entire life, shin splints were something I always have. On top of that, I tore my ACL and had to work my way back on the field. I was exposed to top products, but nothing like the Cryosphere. I could finally roll out my shins, getting rid of shin splints. For my ACL, I would sit with the Cold Roller on the back of my knee at home. The combination of cold and massage made my pain nonexistent." LAUREN SESSLEMAN -  OLYMPIC BRONZE MEDALIST

"I use the Cryosphere all the time. The beautiful thing about it is it's not just for professional athletes, it's for everybody. It helps me get from practice to practice, from game to game and definitely impacts my success in a good way."  BRANDON MARSHALL  - DENVER BRONCOS LB & SUPER BOWL 50 CHAMPION

Emma Smith

Emma is the queen of our social media and editor of the Kit Radar Magazine. Always in pain from running on the track, Emma's has a passion for positive mental health from sport.

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