by Emma Smith July 06, 2018

We've all seen the sorry sight and felt the empathy for that poor cyclist who comes back to their bike and finds someone has nicked their wheels... Or been that person that has to lug a massive heavy cable and lock so that they can make sure they lock up each part of their bike and still worries that someone will nick their quick release wheels. 


Well the ingenious HexLox have come up with a fantastic way of ensuring  your bike is safe and your wheels remain on your bike. 



All you have to do is to replace the skewers on your bike with these lockable anti theft skewers (and everything you need in order to do this is included here), and no more worrying about coming back to a wheel-less bike on your commute. 

"I’m not going to mess about here: I think Hexlox are by far the best way to secure... your wheels and any other parts of your bike that are attached with a hex (allen) key."

"The Hexlox bicycle lock... makes a perfect compliment to a bigger lock... a good deterrent to component theft." Sports Illustrated



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Emma Smith

Emma is the queen of our social media and editor of the Kit Radar Magazine. Always in pain from running on the track, Emma's has a passion for positive mental health from sport.

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