by Emma Smith July 09, 2018

The inventors of the halfbike have come up with something completely new. Fans are eulogising over it and saying that it's a total game changer. The idea is that it combines the action of cycling with walking. You're cycling but whilst standing up.



You control the bike not just with your hands but with your whole body, for a more natural movement, and using muscles you may not know you had, and certainly don't use in the traditional sitting down cycling action. The makers claim that it trains your balance and reflexes in a completely new way, and its advocates seem to agree. In fact the standing up cycling action is very similar to the movements used in running, so could be a useful tool for runners to use as part of their training regime.



The halfbike is light and compact, it folds down neatly and is easily portable. So it will fit in the boot of even a small car, and can easily be carried up stairs, fit under a desk or on a train. Making it perfect for commuters!  



"...the Halfbike is a rather beautiful object in its own right... It’s a lovely thing to look at and, once I’d learned how to ride it, it got lots of attention, enquiries and admiring looks (for the Halfbike, not me)... Above all, it’s just brilliant unadulterated fun that made me feel like a kid again." RideVelo Magazine



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Emma Smith

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