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by Emma Smith 1 min read

As the review at the bottom of this post says - when was the last time you thought about your bikes stem cap? This area is quickly turning into a highly valuable piece of tech real-estate!


But now, you can make it into a very functional useful part of your bike! Not only that but it's the perfect place to mount your Garmin GPS on bike computer, so that it can be easily glanced down at while you're out. 




"Let’s be honest: When was the last time you thought about your bike’s stem cap? In 2007, two cyclists from Boulder, Colorado, decided it was time that this tiny disc started living up to its full potential." Bicycling Magazine (best gifts under £50)

Emma Smith
Emma Smith

Emma is the queen of our social media and editor of the Kit Radar Magazine. Always in pain from running on the track, Emma's has a passion for positive mental health from sport.

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