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Let us introduce Elvis Goren, the Co-Founder KOMODO Technologies and creator of the innovative wearable - The AIO Smart Sleeve

Elvis is one of the co-founders of KOMODO Technologies who claim to have created the wearable innovation of our time. For those of you who haven't heard of the AIO Smart Sleeve, here is the official introductory video to drool over:


Elvis spent most of his life playing sports and living an active lifestyle. Also, seeing multiple family members experiencing serious heart conditions, he sought to create the perfect health device.

“Being around athletes and loved ones with heart issues, and also being involved in wearables I thought there was a demand for an easy to use product with information that can help everyone from serious athletes to the average gym-goer.” says Goren.


In this interview, we talk to Elvis about why they chose to create a smart sleeve and the innovations it includes.

Levis Goren Founder AIO Smart Sleeve

Q&A with Elvis Goren

Tell us a bit about your background prior to KOMODO Technologies

Along with an active upbringing, I began working in sales of sporting goods at a young age. Working for one of the big sports retailers in North America, I tested a lot of products for companies and this included the early fitness trackers. I became obsessed and I was always waiting for newer versions with new, great features. But they never came. All they did was make flashy designs but the functionality didn’t change much. I thought that people deserved a better product especially for how much they cost nowadays.

 AIO Smart Sleeve

So why the AIO Sleeve?

I loved the idea of there being a device that has tons of amazing information that could actually help users, while at the same time not be complicated with tons of wires and whatnot. After all, the inner working of each individual’s body is so complex, and it is the same with the data that we can extract. There are so many tools available out there for monitoring overall health, not just steps and distance. Tools that are used by medical professionals, military forces, NASA, etc. It’s almost like these tools are being hidden from us because there are no consumer products that have them; Tools such as precision heart rate variability monitoring, activity intensity and other health features that are included in the AIO Sleeve. We loved the idea of being able to put these awesome features in palm of your hand via a smart phone app.

AIO Smart Sleeve App

What has been the hardest part about starting your business? 

Part of the reason these great features aren’t as widely available among smart wearables today is because it’s difficult to teach. It’s much easier to sell a product that people can simply look at and know what it is. Even though it’s a challenge, we really feel these health features can benefit every single human being.

AIO Smart Sleeve App by Komodotec

Tell us what makes the AIO Smart Sleeve unique?

The fact that it’s a compression sleeve makes the product beneficial from many perspectives: the therapeutic benefits of compression are widely publicised. We see it among pro athletes and even every day life. It helps increase blood flow to the area and helps with performance and recovery. What makes it REALLY special is what we developed calledHealth Score™.The AIO Sleeve records an individual’s heart rate pattern and calculated the heart rate variability (HRV). This biomarker is used to figure out ones general health status. In other words, the higher the Health Score, the better. This tells us about ones recovery, stress levels, how particular food uniquely affects an individual, how users react to medication (you’ll know whether your body efficiently processes these) and much more. In essence, it’s an indicator of how your nervous system reacts in particular situations throughout your life. This way you can know when to change your routine.

Any testing?

We have tested it with a professional American football team, in regards to group application and currently are doing trials with a police force. We are improving the user experience daily, which is translating into a better experience for individual users.

AIO Smart Sleeve womens

Sounds great where can people buy them?

Here on Kit Radar!

How can we find out more?







Thanks Elvis for the great interview and we are really glad young entrepreneurs like this are trying to safe lives and make people healthier through data.

If you would like to buy AIO Smart Sleeve in the UK, then simply click the link below:


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