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There are two types of indoor exercise machine. 

The first is one that stimulates a very particular exercise pattern to exercise one specific muscle group or action - think squat machine, or bicep curl.

The second is to simulate a particular exercise, so you can train for that specific sport indoors.

Up until now, the second type of machine (think treadmill or static bike) can feel monotonous, boring and quite alien to most. But that's where Biorower come in. Aram Lemerer and his team, have taken the old boring indoor rowing machine, and created a life-like feel - perfect for the ultra serious rower.

The rowing world is going crazy for this indoor rowing machine. It is the closest you will come to true rowing without being on the actual water, but with the extra advantages of getting all your metrics so that you can improve every aspect of your rowing. From Olympians to absolute beginners, everyone we have spoke to is in love with this machine.  



You can tell that the S1Club was created by professional rowers alongside highly experienced engineers because everything about it is designed to replicate the experience of rowing outside as closely as possible. Bringing realistic rowing indoors for the first time.

The cockpit dimensions and the adjustability of the S1club precisely match the rowing shell. The foot stretchers (footplate) are adjustable to your body height as are the oar handles. The realistic rowing motion is intuitive and easily understandable. Offering the natural rowing motion which is a full body, low impact and full range of motion work out. Which means it is perfect for professional rowers as well as absolute beginners. 




The feel of the resistance during the drive is the most realistic experience ever developed by a manufacturer. The patented, ultra durable high precision transmission inside the body of the S1 grants exceptionally realistic rowing feeling, as you move the "boat" back and forth while you row, instead of moving yourself.

The Biorower was developed by professional rowers, at the beginning mainly intended for elite athletes. As more and more non rowers wanted to enjoy the realistic indoor rowing feeling, the Biorower is now considered to be an insider's tip in the fitness industry. Winning it the prestigious "Best New Fitness Product 2018" award at the 2018 ISPO Brandnew Awards. 

But what potentially makes it better than actually rowing in a real boat outdoors is that angle sensors and strain gauges on both oar handles precisely measure how much force is applied at which position of the stroke. This biomechanic data is then sent to your mobile device via bluetooth. Meaning that you have all this data at your disposal to improve your rowing. 

With all this in mind, we had to talk to Aram, to find out more. 

Here is our Q&A with Aram...


What is your background?

We are three partners. One former car tuner, one engineer and one rower/coach.

Why did you start up the biorower?

We were fed-up with what the market had to offer. People were getting more and more back injuries from the standard ergs - as we believe. Nobody seemed to get health problems from rowing in the boat, however.

Real rowing is a full-body, full range of motion - cardio workout. He standard erg is not. So, we decided to find a way to make real rowing possible on land.

What has been the hardest part of the development so far?

The forces generated during the real rowing motion (with two oar handles pulling on a 90cm lever on each side) are ridiculously high. It took us 5 years (from 2000) to develop the mechanic principles.

Why is the biorower unique?

It has the cockpit of a real rowing boat. All the dimensions and most of the adjustability options are the same. Also the resistance is so realistic, that people are surprised how natural it feels, even after we have told them about it in advance.

The other unique feature is the precision of measurement. We have a 1% accuracy tolerance on everything we measure. Standard ergs have up to 10%. The Biorower measures your power and your stroke length left and right separately. The Biorower app shows live force curves, angle curves and all the data you'd expect from a high end rowing device.

Can you talk to us about the innovation process?

Have an idea and try until.... That's about it!

How did you test the biorower?

With pro rowers. Row until it breaks. If we cannot break it, we find ways to do so. We need to be sure, to have a solid product on the market.

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

There are plenty of things to know about us. Best to check our website www.biorower.com or to follow us on instagram @biorowerrowing



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