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Most of us understand how important water is for not just an active life, but also for everyday living. But when it comes to travel and adventure, whether you enjoy travelling the world or just heading out for a run, a reliable source of water that you can carry with you becomes a necessity.

Why Is Water so Important?

Our bodies need a fair bit of water to stay alive — between 50 and 65 percent of a man’s body is made up of water; and women’s bodies are made up of between 45 and 60 percent.

Every cell in the body requires water to function, with water acting as an important solvent for the billions of chemical reactions that take place in our bodies every day. It’s also a powerful detoxifier for the body, allowing our cells to effectively transport dissolved compounds in and out of our cells.

But is all water equal? Ask any mountain on the virtues and taste of fresh flowing water and it would answer with a hearty no. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a mountain on our doorstep, but purified tap water is the next best thing.

But Tap Water’s Fine, Right?

You might think that there’s nothing wrong with water from a tap or in the plastic bottles you can get from the supermarket, but this water is actually riddled with impurities. Tap water is often full of chemical by-products, as a result of the sanitisation processes water companies must adhere to, meaning you can find anything from chlorine to fluoride in each sip. When it comes to plastic water bottles, a quick flip through the pages of a newspaper will tell you horror stories of the the chemicals leaking out of conventional plastic water bottles and washing up on beaches around the world.

With that being said, all is not lost — there’s a nifty solution that can provide you with pure water without breaking the bank: step forward the humble filter bottle.

Filter bottles work by purifying water using activated carbons, such as charcoal, allowing you to avoid the harsh chemicals used in tap water purification. In this post, we look at the best and most cost-effective options for those looking to step up their water game.

Grayl Water Bottle with Filter + Purifier

Grayl Water Filter and Bottle

This water purifier is not only super fast to use- simply fill up at any lake, stream, bathroom or hotel sink, and after pressing the bottle on the ground or low surface, it removes 99.9999% of disease causing pathogens in less than 15 seconds!  Keeping  you safe and healthy during your adventures.

The Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier can purify water at a rate of 2 litres/minute removing harmful pathogens, leaving you with clean safe water.


Ecomo Filter Bottle

Ecomo Smart Water Filter Bottle 

The Ecomo is the superhero of filter bottles and uses smart technology and a three-in-one filtration system to deliver a water-drinking experience like no other. Users of the Ecomo can keep track of their water intake and test water with a quick shake of the bottle.

For those looking for a filter bottle that makes drinking clean water easier and more reliable, the Ecomo is a clear contender.


Kor Nava Filter Bottle

Kor Nava Water Filter Bottle 

Charcoal may be the choice carbon source for purifying water, either at home or on the go, but coconut has recently taken centre stage. The Kor Nava taps into the purifying qualities of the coconut shell to filtrate your water to such a standard that it proclaims itself as the best water filter bottle on the planet.

Requiring just a quick push to filter every sip, the Kor Nava is convenient for those who need a drink while running, walking or cycling.


Lifestraw Water Filter

Lifestraw Water Filter 

For adventurers and explorers who like to go off the beaten track, the Lifestraw is a must. While backpacking, hiking or camping in the great outdoors, you may not always have access to clean drinking water. Designed for emergency situations, the Lifestraw can filter 1,000 litres of polluted water, such as water in streams, and removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and parasites. Weighing in at just 2 ounces, it’s as light as it is powerful.


Looking for a travel water bottle with a filter to keep your drinking water clean on the go? Check out our full range of water bottles and keep yourself hydrated.

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