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Dehydration can be a real problem for long distance athletes. Hot weather conditions can be disastrous: we’ve all seen the unfortunate scenes where a dehydrated marathon runner has collapsed along the race route, but, with long-distance running becomes more popular, it's a risk we’re more likely to face in our everyday training routines. Salt sticks and hydration tablets can help prevent the consequences of dehydration, but what’s the difference between the two?

Glass of Water 

What Is Dehydration and Why Is Hydration so Important?

Before looking at the solution and preventative measures you can take, it’s first important to understand what causes dehydration and the impact it can have, especially on athletes. According to the International Olympic Committee, dehydration can negatively impact performance across all events, making staying well hydrated vital.

Every cell in our body requires water to function properly and not getting enough can cause a huge drop in your performance. Not only is water crucial for the body to function, but it also has an impact on the brain. Our brains are made up of around 75% of water, meaning dehydration can have a severe impact on our mental processes.

Dehydration in Athletes

With this in mind, it’s important to stay well hydrated while being active. When we workout, we sweat. But it’s not just important to replace the water you lose by sweating; you need to replace important nutrients too.

One of these key nutrients is the salt commonly known as sodium. Sodium plays a key role in nerve and muscle function and any lost body salts that are not replaced, either during or after a workout, can result in the nerves and muscles running out of steam.

Another important ‘nutrient’ lost through sweat is the much-talked-about electrolyte. Electrolytes are not technicallynutrients, but rather the group of minerals found in the blood. This doesn’t make them any less important, however. Electrolytes supercharge our bodies by conducting electricity in our cells and nerves, and are required for us to function normally. If you’ve ever wondered why you get muscle cramps during or after exercise, it’s because of a loss of electrolytes.

What’s the Solution?

Dehydration doesn’t have to be a problem. Salt sticks and hydration tablets work by replacing the lost sodium and electrolytes expelled via sweat — whether that’s through exercise, hot weather or a combination of both — and pump these nutrients back into your body so that they can be readily used again. Hydration tablets can be dissolved in water or simply popped onto the tongue, while salt sticks are used by either sucking on the stick or taking a capsule.

Whether you’re a seasoned elite athlete or you’re just looking for a better way to hydrate during your next workout, salt sticks or hydration tablets are a powerful tool in your arsenal for keeping your health at its peak.

Saltstick Dispenser

Saltstick Dispenser

The Saltstick Salt Replenishment dispenser is a handy way to take in sodium after high-sweat activities, sports and exercise. A saltstick is an easy way to replace your electrolytes on the go. Whether you’re cycling, running or working out at the gym, simply take a capsule every hour you’re physically active and the tablet will do the rest. For ultimate convenience, the dispenser works one-handed and can easily be added to any bicycle or running belt.


Phizz Hydration Tablets

Phizz Hydration Tablets dissolve in water to provide your body with five key electrolytes in one tablet. Doing more than just keeping you hydrated, Phizz tablets combine vital vitamins and minerals for a formula that is so effective, it’s used around the world by Premier League Football and Premiership Rugby athletes.

Don’t let dehydration affect your health. Stay hydrated during workouts, on the go or even when you’re at home nursing a hangover. Check out Kit Radar’s full range of nutritional supplements and snacks today!

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