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Chicago based designer Rotimi Solola, brings you STRYD. 

Stryd is a foot mounted power meter, created for those who love to run. STRYD allows you to measure your performance, by allowing individuals to identify proper running form as derivations of the following metrics:

  1. Power
  2. Form Power
  3. Elevation
  4. Cadence
  5. Ground contact time
  6. Vertical oscillation
  7. Leg Stiffness
  8. Pace
  9. Distance

These elements make Stryd the perfect little gadget for devising training plans. As it has the ability to highlight how your technique has developed throughout your training. 

By using Bluetooth technology it allows for easy compatibility with Smartphones. Wireless technology is essential for transferring the data from your run to your phone making it easy to assess your progress. 

STRYD is attached to footwear using a specially designed clip, to ensure it’s reliability, and with water resistant design it claims to be extremely durable for outdoor running. Stryd have also considered the design element of the power meter. The unique appearance utilises mountain counters, a tough and beautiful terrain any outdoor enthusiast is familiar with, and water ripples making it distinctive from any other fitness wearables.

Stryd Summit Running Power Meter


Caroline Dean
Caroline Dean

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