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Brightside Bike Lights are becoming the go to lights for two specific applications. The first is side-lighting (a new category of bike light to help be seen at junctions and roundabouts), and the second is helmet lights (ones that can be retro-fitted to any helmet rather than integrated bike lights).

SIDE LIGHTING - The original brightside bike light




The new Brightside bike light is a compact and powerful bike light providing an amber light from both sides of your bike. Clipped to your frame on the handlebar stem or on the front of your lower downtube you can stay visible from all angles. Crossing junctions or roundabouts you’ll still have a light shining at the motorists to draw their attention.

What we particular like is that the lights are Amber, so as not to get confused with standard white (front) and red (back) lights.

HELMET LIGHT - The new Topside bike light




Having a light high up and at a driver’s eye level is a great way of staying visible in traffic. Weighing than 70 grams or the same as seven £1 coins, it’s hardly noticeable when fitted.

Topside is aimed at the commuter market with its wide fish eye lens and bright Cree LEDs, it is very visible. With micro USB charging, you can top up the charge when at home or work.

Paired with the Brightside, side facing light there is no reason not to be seen from all angles. Armed with the latest Cree LED and battery technology, our new light gives great lumen output and battery life.

The bespoke magnified fish eye lens gives a wide beam and is visible from 500m. It’s easily removable for charging and safety.


"Quality, bright side lights for your bike to enhance your visibility on the road"

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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