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Have you been hurtling down the mountainside carving up that trail, when suddenly you are startled by another cyclist, dog, hiker or, even a stag (if you are in the highlands). You swerve, causing you to lose time, or even worse... crash!

If only there was a way of letting others know you are there without having to take your hands off the bars?

We think Timber MTB Bike Bells have solved this conundrum perfectly. With a constant on, and a standard press-button bell, you can safely navigate single tacks without worrying about others.

You might be worried that the constant on is noisy, instead it is a like a "ring" rather than a "ding" and only "rings" when you go over a bump. You can listen to the noise in the video above.

Timber MTB Mountain Bike Bells Bolt-on Timber MTB Mountain Bike Cow Bells Timber MTB Mountain Bike Bells Band-on



Timber Bike Bells come in bolt-on or band-on for multiple handlebar sizes and positions on the bars. Choose the band-on if you want to move it between bikes.


"You’re creating awareness, but are not acting like you have more of a right to be there than they do."

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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