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Baby on Bike - Child Bike Seat Reflective Stickers - Diamond

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"Such a neat idea! A cheap way to make drivers in cars more aware of my child on a bike seat at the back of my bike. I used three stickers, one at the back and one on each side. Brilliant!" - Connie Wright (verified customer)

Baby on Bike Child Bike Seat and Trailer Reflective stickers - Diamond

It is surprising how many bike seats are not supplied with reflective stickers. Especially as this is the most important part of our bike!. 

Baby on Bike have created a set of 10cm x 10cm reflective stickers to make drivers more aware of the bike seat. Like a baby on board sticker on your car, it naturally signals to drivers to be more aware of your bike. 

Each pack comes with two or four stickers, one (or two) at the back of the child bike seat and one for the side of the child bike seat. 

Each sticker has been specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, with an extra strong glue to ensure a lasting effect.

Using 3M material, typical of high visibilty clothing and equipment, these stickers shine nice and brightly when a car's headlights shines on them.

Make baby brighter with Baby on Bike Reflective Stickers.

Available in:

  • Round - bold and brash
  • Square - the largest of the stickers
  • Diamond - for tight corners
  • Triangle - for even tighter corners