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Bodylastics Collapsible Resistance Bands Curl Bar

Brand: Bodylastics

Color: Black, Silver


  • STEEL PIPE CURL BAR FOR RESISTANCE BANDS (RESISTANCE BANDS NOT INCLUDED) - Replicate all of the Best Gym Exercises with this Incredible Curl Bar and your Resistance Bands: Biceps Curl, Reverse Curl, Lat Pull, Triceps Extensions, Shoulder Press, Front Raise, Lunges, Squats, Upright row, High Row, Chest Press, Reverse Grip Back Row, Abs Twist, and tons more!
  • ? LEGIT BENDS AND 3 POINTS OF CONNECTION - Forget using a straight bar or a bar with wimpy bends, we wanted our bar to stand toe to toe with the serious curl bars from the gym. Use amazing amounts of tension while saving your wrists. Increase your options with the 3 points of connection. Attach your Resistance Band(s) to the sides or the middle O-ring.
  • ?COMFORTABLE AND HEAVY DUTY - This bar is a Bodylastics Product, therefore it HAD to be heavy duty and feel good to hold and use. The rubber grip is just something you have to experience, IT'S AWESOME! This is not a metal tube, it is made from a STEEL PIPE! Our bar has been tested up to 750 lbs. of tension. Work out with confidence!
  • ?PATENT PENDING COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN - It took us 6 years to finally get this right! What good would this awesome bar be without the ability to throw it in your suitcase to keep the results coming? So, we designed a unique but insanely strong method of collapsing and stacking the bar, while still enabling the halves to be connected (so you never lose one side).
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model number: BLCOMPBR001

Part Number: BLCOMPBR001

Details: Overview: The Patent Pending Bodylastics Curl bar will add a whole new element to your Resistance Bands Training. It took us over 6 years to get this bar right! We know it sounds ridiculous, but it's true! We would not launch this bar until it was perfect. This bar is the designed to be a LEGIT curl bar. Check Out The Features Of This Amazing Component:Shape:The bends in the bar are almost identical to the solid bars that you will find in the gym. The multiple hand holds with a 45 degree angle give you a TON of options, and enable you to maintain a comfortable hand position/angle. Custom Moulded Grip:Forget the cheap foam! Our custom designed rubber grip will feel secure and incredible in your hands. We designed this grip virtually from images of what we wanted it to be. Once it was produced and we felt it for real our hands, we were blown away! It far exceeded our expectations. It will exceed yours as well. Connection points:We know that some exercises are better suited to attaching the bands to the ends of the bar, and other exercises are better from the center of the bar. That is why we gave you both. 3 Points of connection will give you countless options for your workouts. The O-rings on the ends of the bar are designed with Bearings so that they turn easily and as smooth as silk.CollapsibleThis is what took us so long to figure out. We could not solve the issue of how to make the bar super strong and portable as well. in 2019 we nailed it! When this bar is assembled it will feel like one piece of Steel - SOLID! Need to store it away or take it on a trip? No problem! Simply unscrew the center collar to separate the two halves, place it in the carry bag and throw it in your suitcase.

EAN: 0680585378413

Package Dimensions: 27.9 x 4.6 x 4.6 inches