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Glacial Desktop Punching Bag with Desk Clamp

Brand: Glacial

Color: Red


  • ✅ INCLUDES CLAMP FOR TIGHTER GRIP: Fix the clamp tight to the desk and you’ll enjoy a far stronger grip than you’ll get with a suction-cup alone; stays in place for as long as you want, then remove it in seconds
  • ✅ RELIEVE STRESS IN SECONDS: When you’re stressed at the desk, take out your frustrations without leaving your chair and enjoy instant satisfaction at home, in the office, or wherever you’re feeling the strain
  • ✅ EXTRA-TOUGH BAG: This mini inflatable boxing ball can really take a beating, and the durable PU leather will take thousands of hits and still look like new
  • ✅ FUN FOR ALL: Become the new office favorite as your colleagues stop over to try it out; this fun workplace toy will please everyone and makes a perfect gift for adults, children, men, women, and executives
  • ✅ VIDEO BELOW: Don't take our word for it see the "Glacial Punching Bag" in action and get a glimpse at all the features this product has. Just click the video below.

model number: PB-900

Part Number: PB-900

Details: Fast and fun stress relief without getting up from your desk You know those days when your boss won’t give you a break? Now you can take out all your frustrations and enjoy an immediate stress reliever with the Glacial Desktop Punching Bag. Super-strong clamp grips the desk tight As well as having a strong suction cup to attach to the desk, the Glacial Desktop Punching Bag comes with a heavy-duty clamp. It attaches in seconds and provides a far stronger grip than a suction cup alone—without damaging the desk—so you know this ball isn’t going anywhere no matter how hard you whack it. Tough material, but soft on the hand The soft PU leather won’t hurt your hand, but it’s durable enough to keep going and going. This bag is designed to take a pummelling anytime, any place. Burn calories without hitting the gym Work-related stress is seriously bad for your health, so release the pressure and feel great in seconds by unleashing your energy on the punching bag. And because it gets you moving, you’ll be burning off calories without stepping foot in the gym. Fun for everyone from kids to coworkers Your coworkers will love stopping by at your desk to have a go. Or use it at home for your kids or when you’re playing video games. It’s designed for anyone, and it makes for a fantastic gift. Give it all you’ve got If you work in a high-pressured job, coworkers constantly get on your nerves, or you just want a way to release some steam without hitting the gym, get your hands on the Glacial Desktop Punching Bag and have some fun. Click on ADD TO CART right now and sort out office stress for good!

EAN: 0628055559375

Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 8.0 x 4.4 inches