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MyFresh Glove Deodorizer for Boxing Gloves

Brand: MyFresh


  • Lemon Candy Fragrance!
  • Instant Freshness, Long Lasting - Freshens As It Dries
  • No Fuss Or Mixing - Simple Shake & Spray
  • Freshens Smelly Sports Bags/Gym Kit - Can Be Used On Stubborn B.O Clothing Arm Pit Areas - Sports Bras/Tank Vests Etc
  • Great For Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, Trainers, Shin Pads (Muay Thai/Football/Rugby), Boots & More!

Details: Product description So what is MyFresh Active Spray? 😕 MyFresh Active surface freshener spray keeps all your gym gear and exercise/sports kit smelling clean and fresh. What can it be used on? ❓ It's ideal for items that cannot be easily washed - brilliant for outside and inside hard to reach areas such as trainers, boxing gloves, head gear, shin pads, gym bags, hand wraps, head gear (cycling, rugby, boxing) and much more. If its hard to clean, stinks 🤢 and made from fabric then this is your new best friend! Is it safe and free from animal ingredients? 🍃 Yes - Its simple, ready to use, lab tested and vegan friendly! Is it easy and quick to use? 🧐 Yes of course! There is no mixing, no messing, its easy to carry and will give a blast of freshness that lasts. Our formulated system will freshen your treated item as it dries and will further provide ongoing freshness in between use! Instructions are on the bottle label so no need to worry, its a simple shake and spray. What if my kit already stinks or is this only for new items? 🤢🦨👃 You can use MyFresh Active on kit that already stinks and to spray new kit to keep it fresh! How long does it take to freshen my kit if it already smells? ⌛⏲️ We have designed MyFresh Active to perform quickly. You will notice the difference straight away and it only gets better as it dries! We've sprayed items that are heavily ridden with odours and can confidently say that you will love the difference it will make. The pleasant fragranced aromas will bring a smile to your face! Legal Disclaimer Follow instructions carefully on the label.

EAN: 7861432207213