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NZEROWAX – Brass Brush for Ski and Snowboard Maintenance 12 x 8 cm

Brand: N-ZERO


  • High quality, made from natural wood. Ergonomic handle
  • Brass bristles clean old wax and dirt from the base of the ski, or snowboard. Can be used for other applications requiring removal of ground in material from a surface.
  • Can be used to prepare P-Tex surface.

Details: Test before waxing, it helps the wax penetrate the base to last longer. With the help of NZERO wax cleaner, the brass brush is used to clean the ski or snowboard base of impurities and old wax before applying the new layer of base wax. Use before applying P-Tex and wax, to remove dirt, old wax and even small debris left on your ski after hitting an unexpected stone. Some also use it as a first brush after waxing, especially with hard waxes (for cold snow, for example). It is also used after scraping to help quickly remove excess wax.

EAN: 8437013859608

Package Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.1 x 1.3 inches