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The Somerset folding bike brings a new dimension and unique style to the art of foldable bikes. Using a neatly designed horseshoe-shaped main frame section which acts as a sliding rail for all the other parts of the bike to slide along, the bike can be folded away into a convenient rollable handcart in just seconds. 

Designer Kaisan Chang wanted to design a bike that could co-exist with users of public transport in Taiwan. Would you like to use this bike to commute to work?

Somerset bike folding close up

Somerset folding electric bike

Chang has created an incredibly eye-catching and beautiful design. I am yet to try the product, but if the functionality of the bike is anything close to the aesthetics of its design, it deserves every success.

Also available in an electric version.

The inclusion of some mudguards could perhaps improve the bike's functionality even more! Who likes this design? 

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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