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It is with great pleasure that we welcomed Neofit to the Kit Radar family. Yassin Mamade, a Loughborough Sports University Alumnus with a career in the Pharmaceutical industry, has taken all his expertise to create a Vegan Pre- and Post workout gel to:

  • Reduce post workout muscle soreness and fatigue 
  • Repair muscle and Increase strength & resistance 
  • Helps prevent muscle injury and ease tension in muscles and joints

Aiming to be a visionary in the professional care of muscles, Yassin is using science to leverage nature’s power to enable athletes to achieve their best.

Neofit provided sample bottles (smaller than the actual bottles) to two of our Ambassadors and here are their reviews.



Written by Liam Hackett

Neofit pre and post workout gel review

Simple designs that allow you to tell the difference between each tube/bottle at a quick glance.

Nothing on the bottle that doesn’t need to be there, the Neo Fit gel bottles keep straight to the point telling you what they are, when to use them and what they contain.

What are the Neofit gels like to use?

I tested both of these bottles on different runs, a gentle long paced run and a fast and hard speed session; figuring it would be better to test them as much as I could in as quick a time as possible.

Using the Neofit Pre Workout Gel

The first thing that jumps to mind when using the gel is yes, it does smell like that big brand name muscle gel, but that’s the lavender and tea tree.

One of the benefits of the Neo Fit gel is the viscosity of the gel compared to others, where some are a very thick and sticky gel that pulls out your leg hair and takes a while to soak into your skin and muscle the Neo Fit soaked in almost instantly once you applied a little friction from your hands.

In regards to residue there was pretty much none; I was able to put my running tights on within about a minute of application and didn’t feel it sticking to my legs at all.

Neofit pre workout gel review

A few seconds after applying the pre workout your muscles will begin to feel a little warmer and a little lighter at the same time, doing exactly what this product was designed for, getting your muscles loosened up and helping to keep the blood and acids moving.

When combined with a foam roller and a series of light aerobic exercises I could feel a difference in my leg. Normally after just using a foam roller, it can still take a mile or so for my legs to warm up and get ready, but using the Neo Fit helped to speed that process up and after a few minutes I felt good to go.

Neo Fit helped to speed that process up and after a few minutes I felt good to go.

Neofit Post Workout Gel

As with the pre workout, the gel is smooth and pleasantly scented, this one being more of a menthol scent to help to cool the muscles down and reduce the skin temperature.

Neofit Post workout gel review

After the speed session I got back and lathered on the gel while I was still feeling warm and my muscles were still active, upon application my legs felt a little cooler and the muscle seemed to cool down a little quicker than normal, as before once combined with a foam roller my legs felt super fresh without any real ache.

Between the two runs I would say the post gel works a little better after a harder workout.

Overall, what do you think of the Neofit Workout gels?

The gels work well for both pre and post exercise, they are small enough to be carried about to races, the gym, in your cycling kit, etc.

I haven't had any negative feelings or reactions when using them and the scent isn’t overpowering in the slightest.

A good addition to anyone’s kit bag.


Second review of Neofit's Pre and Post Workout Muscle Gels

Written by Vicky Jones

The first thing that I noticed when I opened my parcel was how attractive the bottles of Neo Fit are; the design is simple but appealing and I have not seen anything quite like it before.

I have never used any gel / lotion or the like before or after a run and I was curious to see if there would be any benefit.

I am doing Manchester Marathon on 7th of April and decided to try out the gel in a 20 mile race which I was using as my last long run before the big day – I was planning to run it at marathon pace so I knew that aching legs afterwards were pretty much guaranteed.

Neofit Muscle Gel Review

I tried a small amount of the gel prior to race day just in case I had a reaction. The gel pumped easily and was clear, pleasant smelling and light. It absorbed easily into my skin and didn’t leave any stickiness. No adverse reaction; so it was all go for race day.

The morning of the race I arrived at the venue and about 20 minutes before the start (it was a bit of a walk to the start line so I couldn’t apply it any later) I liberally massaged the gel onto my legs.

There was no noticeable warming effect but my legs did feel looser after the process; with a bit of a warm up I was ready to go. Although it wasn’t cold it was a VERY windy day and strong headwinds for much of the exposed course meant that I wasn’t confident about meeting my target pace but I gave it my all.

To my surprise, and despite a large blister on my foot due to a hole in my sock – always check your kit – I ran the 20 miles at above my target race pace. The instant I stopped running my legs seized so once I’d hobbled to my stuff I massaged some of the post-workout gel into my legs.

Very quickly my legs started to feel better and despite being fully prepared for it I had no muscle soreness the next day, or the one after that.

Muscle Gel for vegan - review

I can’t say for sure that it was the gel which aided my recovery or the act of massaging it in but what I can say with absolute confidence is that I have never done a run of that length / pace where I have not had muscle soreness in the day or two after.

I will definitely be taking the gels with me to Manchester and would certainly recommend giving them a go.


From these two independent reviews, it is clear that if you are considering a muscle gel, or even if you aren't, Neo-Fit is definitely a great choice. Furthermore, it is vegan!!!

If you are interested in purchasing Neo-Fit then simply click the link below:


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Caroline Dean
Caroline Dean

Caroline is our queen ambassador, organising all the free gifts that ambassadors receive in exchange for reviews. Caroline's passion is collecting all those half marathon medals (and annoyingly showing them off to us in the office!)

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