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When we started selling Goodr sunglasses at Kit Radar, I was so taken with them (and I just found out that The Run Experience list them as a favourite too! Love those guys!) I decided I had to try a pair for myself to see if they really lived up to the hype.

Being a flamboyant crazy haired kind of running lady, I obviously went for one of the super brightly coloured pairs, but whether you're into super bright colours or prefer something a bit more sedate there is pair out there for you!

Goodr sunglasses claim to be non slip, non bounce, polarized, and have UV protection as well as looking good. 

Here is the official Goodr Video if you would like more info:

So is this slightly whacky Californian brand all talk and no trousers, or are their sunglasses actually as good as they look? Would they hold up on my final pre marathon 20 mile long run and make the all important cut for essential marathon kit OR do they just look good but slide down your nose after a few sweaty miles? 




The packaging for these sunglasses is just gorgeous. Prior to getting this parcel I would have said I’m not that into packaging, but it turns out that it’s actually something I notice when it’s done well or badly!

The sunglasses themselves arrive in a strong cardboard box, which is very appealing, but also practical because it doubles as a case when they aren’t in use. Inside this is a microfiber bag, to keep the sunglasses scratch free, and also serves as a lens cleaner. Again this is practical as well as stylish.

All of the blurb is done in a very jokey style, which is fine, and some of it is really funny. But if they start talking in the voice of the product, like a certain smoothie brand (recently acquired by a drinks behemoth) I would be vomming into my handy little microfiber bag. Luckily it lands just the right side of that twee line.


I plumped for the bright blue glasses ‘Falkor’s Fever Dream’, but also got a pair of plain black ones for a (less flamboyant) friend in ‘A Ginger’s Soul’. Once unpackaged, my very first impression was ‘Wow those are BRIGHT! Excellent!’ because obviously I wouldn’t have bought them if I didn’t like bright colours. And the black ones just looked super sleek and stylish (aforementioned friend absolutely LOVES them too).

When I actually put them on my face I was slightly concerned that I could see the electric blue frames in my peripheral vision, but actually this wasn’t a problem at all when I was running (see below). They felt VERY light and comfortable on my face. I have a pair of ridiculously expensive raybans that I always think I want to wear, and when I put them on they are so fitted to the face that my eyelashes brush the lenses, and sweat (sorry gross but true) gets trapped inside the glasses! These had none of those issues, they fit perfectly and unobtrusively.


I first tried these out on a four mile run, I also cycled to meet the running group I was leading, so for me it’s important that the glasses are comfy on the bike too (i.e. the arms don’t get squished into my ears by the helmet or anything!). And they were fine.

Going back to my concern that I could see the frames in my peripheral vision, I didn’t notice this at all on the bike or running. I genuinely forgot the glasses were there, they are super light, comfy to wear, and I can attest to the brands claims that they are non-slip and don’t bounce! I’m not sure how they do it because they don’t feel stuck to your face AT ALL (unlike my terminator style ray-bans) but just sit there being all comfy. It may be witchcraft.

Although the blurb says they use a special grip coating to construct the frame to help eliminate slippage when sweating. Well it works, they didn’t slip at all, and I’m quite a sweaty lady when I’m running, (and I don’t even care).




I have a thing (not unusual I’m sure) where certain bits of kit (socks, bra, shoes or whatever) are absolutely fine for short runs, but for anything longer than half marathon distance, will start to really niggle, or chafe or whatever. So I thought I should try them out on a longer run. Also I want to wear these for my next marathon (because I’ve been reliably informed that this sunny weather is going to continue into October!) so I want to make sure they don’t suddenly lose their non-slip properties over 10 miles or something.

So I tried them out on a 20 mile training run, and have to say they were great.  The non-slip coating held up to some serious sweaty faced-ness, and they really don’t bounce. They didn’t steam up either. They were as light and comfy at mile 20 as they were at mile 1. 


It won’t come as any surprise when I say that I really love these sunglasses. They are beautifully but simply designed and address any issues that I’ve previously had with running sunnies, plus I absolutely love the look of them!

SCORE OF OUT OF TEN: 10! I can’t think of anything I don’t love about them and they are truly amazing for that price.


You can check out a load of Goodr sunglasses on Amazon.

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Caroline Dean
Caroline Dean

Caroline is our queen ambassador, organising all the free gifts that ambassadors receive in exchange for reviews. Caroline's passion is collecting all those half marathon medals (and annoyingly showing them off to us in the office!)

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