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Little known fact, I (Bryan Co-Founder of Kit Radar) am as much into my modern art as I am into sports technology (and that is saying something). So it was with great pleasure that I stumbled across Artivelo. A dutch company looking to bridge the barrier between art and sport, as well as providing a functional space to hang your bike, helmet, shoes, and GPS in one space.

Artivelo have designed two bike storage systems, both are to be mounted to your wall.

The first is the Loft. This is the bigger of the two and the original. 

 Artivelo Loft Bike Dock Black

The second is the Urban. A smaller version more suited to inner city cycling and areas short of space. 

 Artivelo Urban City Flat Bike Storage

A former elite rider, Oscar Verheul, and a group of other experienced cyclists created the Artivelo Bike Dock to make it easy and efficient to organise everyday cycling items. Of course, Oscar was concerned about organising and storing his racing bike and all the accessories needed to for training and competitions. Almost as important as functionality, Oscar dreamed of a stylish look, that would show off the bike; almost like a piece of art.

The one thing Artivelo have nailed is that sense of pride when everything is in its position with no mess or clutter gathering on the floor. I challenge you not to step back after hanging everything for the first time to admire your handy work.

So, the team at Kit Radar have enjoyed our Artivelo's for a while, but it was time to get a customer to provide a review.

Unaltered, unedited, here is Jeff Pelling's Artivelo Bike Dock Review.

Is the Artivelo Bike Dock easy to install?

You'll need: power drill; 8mm bit; socket set for bolts; and another person if you want to get it level. We took 40 mins from box to bike hanging on the wall, which is not bad, but I guess it is about your skill.

Out of the box the first thing you notice is that it's a pleasingly solid, nicely finished piece of steal; the next is that there are no instructions.

Not to worry, as there's a nice postcard showing you it in-situ, so you can follow that...

Unboxing Artivelo Bike Dock

Artivelo Bike Dock Storage Review in the UK

Artivelo Bike Dock Storage Installation Instructions and Review


What about the Artivelo Bike Dock features?

Hanging is very easy: one person to hold in place/steady as the other drills holes for the four bolts. A socket attachment would make this super easy; it can be done with an IKEA adjustable spanner, too, as we did, though you risk RSI...

It comes with three hooks for hanging helmet shoes: they work for the helmet but not for the shoes: they end up being free standing. There's also a little stand for your GPS.

Your Hi Mod pride and joy hangs by its own weight, protected by a foam pad. Initially, I was sceptical as to whether or not this would work - and hovered close by as a result - in the end all was fine.

Artivelo Loft Pink Bike Dock Review


Overall view of the Artivelo Bike Dock?

I can see this being ideal for those who store their bike inside - it certainly looks striking - and those who have very limited space or have had their cleats banished due to odour.

Am I really going to pad out to the garage in my socks to find my shoes: maybe, maybe not; equally, the first thing I'm going to do with my GPS is whip it upstairs to download all those Strava segments - is it going to go back out to the garage later?

Artivelo Pink Bike Dock Storage and Wall Mount in Garage

Pros: solid; looks good; easy, quick assembly and fitting; potentially good for those with limited space

Cons: are all the 'features' really necessary?

Thanks Jeff for reviewing the Artivelo Bike Dock.

For those interested in reviewing products for Kit Radar, please join our Ambassador Program - all abilities welcome.

If you would like to buy either the Artivelo Loft Bike Dock, or the Artivelo Urban Bike Dock, you can click the buttons below.




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