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Golf is a beautiful, but sometimes, frustrating game. The best Christmas present is always lessons for your loved one. But some of us can't afford to take lessons every-week. That's when the golf training aid and other golf gadgets comes into play.  Your golf stance, how you set up and address the ball is fundamental to every golfers game, from beginner to professional. 

We have selected 5 interesting golf gadget brands for you to consider this Christmas.


Putt Out Golf

With the Puttout putt trainer, now you can practice your strokes anytime, anywhere. Made out of quality rubber, the putting mat is designed so that it can be easily folded and tucked in a bag. Use the Puttout training mat so that you "putt-for-dough" not "drive-for-show"! 


Zepp 2 3d Golf Swing Analyzer

With the Zepp 2 Golf swing analyzer, you can now monitor your golf swing on the course. A free mobile app syncs your performance details so you can put the best foot forward and impress with your precise golf swing.

Dv8 Sports

The ultimate space saving golf gadget. This golf set is perfect for those you are travelling, space conscious or want something light. One adjustable shaft, many adjustable heads, and, for a change, an adjustable grip!


Ojee Golf Talon

Ojee Golf introduces Talon which is a digital display unit that easily attaches to the grip of any golf club in your bag. Using patent-pending technology, it delivers real-time quantified, visual feedback on your angles of address. It improves your muscle memory, consistency and optimum performance.


Strok Prelux

Designed from the inside out to minimize spin off the tee and keep the ball on a straighter flight path, the Prelux range of golf balls from Strok was engineered as a great alternative for other 3 piece urethane balls. The balls have a seamless cover and its 338 dimple ensures MID trajectory ball flight.

So give these amazing products a shot and golf away!  

If you would like to see more golf gadgets, please look at these on our website:


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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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