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It's show season in the UK and Europe and its nice to reflect on the latest cycling startups showcased at ISPO Munich, Core Bike Show, The Bike Place Show and The London Bike Show. Let's start with ISPO Brandnew:

Watteam are building a potentially game-changing affordable (~$499) power meter that can be fitted to majority of hollow-tech aluminium crank-arms, and most (if not all) pedal systems. At this price (and hopefully with suitable accuracy), Watteam's powerbeat will surely be one of the biggest brands to come out of ISPO Brandnew.

Watteam Powerbeat Cycling Power Meter

E-bikes were very popular with three new brands: Youmo, Freygeist and Pendix. All three brands are trying to tackle the issue of "performing like an e-bike, but looking like a normal bike". To us, Freygeist were the most successful, completing hiding the battery pack in the downtube of the frame. Youmo and Pendix still have the battery pack visible, but in a more stylish way. This is the future of e-bikes where no-one really knows you are powered.

Youmo Electric E-bike

Freygeist Electric e-bike

Pendix Electric e-bike motor

Finally, one interesting and clever design was actually for kids. Leg&Go from Latvia have created an 8 in 1 cycling solution that can be used from toddler right up to early youth in summer and winter. The "bike" can transfrom into a rocking horse, baby bike, balance bike, comfort bike, pedal bike, tricycle, downhiller and snow mobile. The many iterations are showcased on their website or on their successful kickstarter campaign.

Leg&Go wooden kids bike

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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