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TwoWheelCool, a great new brand our of Australia making really interesting cycling accessories are put to the test. Michael Greene, one of our ambassadors has ridden with the TwoWheelCool Shoe Covers over winter (in the UK!) and given his thoughts. Again, a nice independent review, but did he rate them highly or not? Read more to find out.

"Almost as if it was planned, the rain soon started so I could really put the shoe covers to the test. At first they seemed to be doing the job, but..."


The design of the packaging is quite nice, with really simple instructions printed on the outer box (just in case it wasn’t obvious how to put them on your shoes) and you could see the product branding and colour which was nice. I had the Orange/Red colour to review, which suited me as it went well with the colour scheme of my bike…

After opening the box the shoe covers felt like a good quality, and not having a left and right foot makes it completely foolproof. The design is simple but effective and I was keen to see what they would look like on my bike shoes, and hoping they’d keep me warm and dry on what was looking like it would be a cold and wet Sunday afternoon ride.

TwoWheelCool Shoe Covers in Packaging

TwoWheelCool Bike Shoe Covers unboxing


The shoe covers took some stretching to get over my bike shoes, and I had the bigger size (Eur 42-48) and I’m a 43 so it’d be interesting to see how someone with size 48 feet gets on. It wasn’t difficult though and if anything was reassuring as I knew they’d be securely held in place during my ride. They didn’t interfere with my cleats at all, and actually improved the look of my shoes in my opinion!

The only slight issue I had was getting the covers completely tight to the toe of my shoe, it felt like there was a small gap between the shoe and end of the shoe cover, but not that this would cause any issues in use. I guess depending on shoe shape and size this may or may not be the case.


My ride started out cold and dry, and I immediately noticed a lack of airflow through the front of my shoes (which are quite heavily ventilated as they are more of a MTB shoe than a pure Road shoe), which was very nice and my feet were noticeably warmer than they would usually be. My thoughts quickly turned to using these shoe covers on a cold Triathlon day so that moving on to the run I’d be able to feel my feet…

Putting on Two Wheel Cool Bike Shoe Covers

Two Wheel Cool Cycling Shoe Covers on Bike Shoe


Almost as if it was planned, the rain soon started so I could really put the shoe covers to the test. At first they seemed to be doing the job, but unfortunately I felt the water start to creep in and from that point on my feet just got colder and wetter. The rain was really heavy and there was a lot of standing water on the road loop I was using so there was rain and spray from the track to be dealt with. As mentioned there is a lot of mesh on my bike shoes for ventilation so potentially with a more closed off shoe the covers may perform better and I’d be interested to hear of any different reviews.

Once the rain did subside, I was hoping for my feet to potentially dry out a bit but I think the shoe covers actually meant there was no ventilation and therefore no chance for my now saturated socks to get rid of some of the water they were now holding on to. My toes were quite cold and numb at this point and I was glad to get home and get my shoes and socks off.

Two Wheel Cool Bike Shoe Covers in the rain


Once I’d taken them off my shoes, I just cleaned them in the sink with some hot water and they were good as new! I’m ready to get out on another cold ride with them and enjoy the feeling of nice warm toes. I’m not sure they offer much protection from the wet but certainly don’t make it any worse so I wouldn’t worry about having them on in the rain.

Two Wheel Cool Cycling Shoe covers in the Rain on a bike


I really liked the design of the product and they definitely added to the aesthetic of my bike shoes. They were easy to put on, didn’t affect the comfort of my shoes at all and I had no issues using the Velcro closing straps on my shoes with the covers on. In the cold and dry I definitely felt a difference and my feet were noticeably warmer and more comfortable, but once the rain started unfortunately they didn’t offer me much protection from the elements. I’d be really interested to hear how other people get on with them, but on this occasion it’s unfortunately a 5/10 from me, as they didn’t perform as I had expected. For their design and ability to keep my feet warm in dry conditions, 9/10.

Product review by Michael Greene

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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