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Finding gifts for cyclists is hard. There are so many parts to a bike, and so many tools / gadgets to choose from - where do you start? 

Well our staff have selected our top picks for Christmas or Birthdays. 


One of our best products, the LUMOS smart helmet is the premium system for those that commute or ride at night. The helmet allows the cyclist to indicate which way the cyclist is turning, and secondly the lights react to braking accordingly. 


There are a few things that all cyclists experience; neck pain, under-carriage pain, cold fingers and cold toes. Digitsole have created the wireless heated insole to warm up those toes during the wintery colder months. Also good for golf, hiking and other outdoor sports.



If your partner or family member have spent a small fortune on their bike, then they will want a stylish wall mount to store the bike. Artivelo is one solution, but the one that the London Design Museum have chosen to showcase great bikes is Cactus Tongue. Beautifully crafted with leather protective arms.



Morpher have created a unique folding helmet that is perfect for the city commuter who has little space at their office desk.


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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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