by Bryan Roberts March 30, 2016

ARION is fantastic tool improving your running technique by providing data on what exactly your foot is doing whilst racking up the miles.

There are lots of handy running tools out there but where ARION differs is that it provides real time feedback from a force plate within your shoe.

It analyses the biomechanics of your running using a pressure sensored innersole which slips under your existing running shoe insole. This feeds back via a small Bluetooth module, to an app on your iPhone providing you with all the data you might need to improve your running technique and prevent injury.

It is able to detect protonation, if you are a heel or fore foot striker and how this changes for instance as you fatigue.

Although this idea is not new ARION is consumer friendly and although may be aimed at the competitive runner could just as easily be beneficial to preventing injury in the everyday runner.

We are looking forward to its launch in September!

Ato gear Arion pressure measurement insole

Ato-gear Arion Footbed and pressure sensitive insoles

Ato gear arion gait analysis insole

Bryan Roberts

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