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Designed in Finland, the most efficient and lightest solar smartpacks in the world.

Finnish startup, Tespack, has designed wearable solar panels that charges your smartphones, tablets, laptops and digital cameras on the go.

Mobile technologies have come a long way however the battery life’s of these devices have not kept up. Having your mobile power down when trying to navigate down a mountain is not an ideal situation and one that Tespack have aimed to solve.

Tespack offers a detachable portable solar panel that can be attached to bag packs, messenger bags and pouches. Users can charge their Tesback battery packs directly from an AC socket or with the Solar Smartpacks.

They are extremely lightweight with the mini 5K weighing just 135grams, waterproof and shock proof. So what are you waiting for, take your Tespack and get exploring!

Tespack solar powered battery pack

Tespack portable solar power pack for sports

Tespack solar energy power point battery sports bag

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

This is an official post by the team at Kit Radar. Supporting sports startups, science and technology.

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