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Winter is upon us here in the UK and for those gadget lovers out there, we have chosen 5 of the top winter gadgets for you to enjoy.


Lumalens Snow Goggles

Offering ultra high-definition optics across the entire spectrum of light conditions and engineered to optimize and improve visibility in all environments, Lumalens Technology delivers enhanced colour vividness, increased contrast and precise depth perception. Backed by the AntiFog Technology, the NFX2 brings next level clarity so you can have a crystal clear skiing trip.

Visit https://uk.dragonalliance.com/ to know more.


Firecel Plus

This ultimate multipurpose device features a hand warmer, a multi-mode flashlight, and a portable power bank for smartphones and personal electronics. Say bye to all the numbness and frigid fingers as FireCel Plus heats for up to 12 hours while it’s 5200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery delivers 2 full charges to most smartphones. The integrated flashlight, including SOS for unexpected emergencies, makes it a steal.

For more details, visit https://www.celestron.com/products/celestron-elements-firecel-plus


Sled Legs 

Simple to use, Sled Legs gives the exhilaration of going fast, the ability to carve and the freedom to launch off a jump without worrying if you will lose your gear when you land. Nothing to clip-into or lug around, you simply strap them to your legs and keep on rocking. Totally unobstructed, anyone can pick up a pair and master their way through the snow.

Check this amazing discovery out @ https://kitradar.com/products/sled-legs-ski-and-sled-at-the-same-time?variant=26530840840


Bikeboards - go skiing or snowboarding on your bike

With BikeBoards provide ride your bike in the newest way - on the snow. The BikeBoard Kit performs like a ski conversion without any modification to the bike. Engineered with absolute precision, BikeBoards can be used year-round. Attach it with to your tire to float your bike on deep snow in winter and enjoy a whole new way to ride your bike.

Check https://www.bikeboards.net/ to create your own epic adventure with it!



This amazing discovery uses the RF technology to detect your ski within a range of up to 30m away and up to 1m down. Waterproof & shockproof, the device has an on/off switch thus making the batteries last all season. No more scavenging for your skis in knee deep snow because this card-sized handheld transceiver can locate the tag using flashing lights and sonic beeps.

Check http://www.resqski.com/ for more details.

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Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

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