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Hydration, hydration, hydration - it is certainly a buzz word at the minute with the plethora of smart water bottles, and new hydration supplements coming onto the market. So we asked our customers to review one of the most popular rehydration and vitamin + minerals tablets - Phizz - that we sell on our website.

Our independent reviews are written by them for you, so if you are interested in Phizz then please read the reviews below.

 Phizz Rehydration Tablet

But first a short intro for those that haven't heard of Phizz.

Phizz effervescent tablets combines a World Health Organisation (WHO) inspired rehydration formula and mix of essential vitamins and minerals. Phizz is designed to rehydrate you and replenish vitamins and minerals, to help your body combat associated symptoms of tiredness & fatigue and promote general well-being. 

Phizz can be consumed before, during or after sporting activities. Phizz is accredited by Informed Sports, this provides assurances to athletes around the world that Phizz adheres to the World Anti-Doping laboratory standards for professional athletes. 

This unique formula, it's Informed Sports accreditation and word-of-mouth reviews made us very interested in testing Phizz with our customers, so here are their reviews.


by Andrew McWeeney

“Around 60% of your body & 75% of your brain are made up of water. Your body loses 2-3 litres of water during an average day, which needs replacing to maintain normal function. Dehydration is a culprit of bad mornings after, jet lag, gym workouts or just not consuming enough water at the office.”

That’s according to the makers of Phizz, a rehydration and vitamin & minerals supplement. I’m not sure of the exact accuracy of their figures, but I think it’s common knowledge to recognise the importance of decent hydration. Recently I had been waking up in the mornings parching for water, and also cramping up towards the end of swimming sessions – both classic symptoms of dehydration. I made a conscious effort to increase the amount of water I was drinking, but I could never seem to retain it and thus could never seem to get away from these symptoms. Hence I was attracted to try this product.

Phizz tablet unboxing and review


“Phizz is in part inspired by the World Health Organisation’s rehydration formula. Phizz helps more water get to where it’s needed in the body. Phizz is also packed with vitamins & minerals to help unlock your body’s energy, reduce tiredness & fatigue, support mental performance, combat muscle fatigue, recharge electrolytes & maintain a healthy immune system.”

The product description given by the makers is certainly encouraging. When the product was delivered I was greeted by a tube that was exactly as expected – compact, of good quality and reassuringly robust. Even after opening and resealing the container, I wouldn’t hesitate to chuck this into my gear bag for fear of it being crushed or popping open.


It was recommended to mix 2 tablets with approximately 300ml of water. I tried this first and found it took around 2 mins for the tablets to fully dissolve without any stirring. Once this was finished, the mixture was a darker shade than I was expecting.

The taste was very sweet initially, then a slight taste of salt (which is to be expected given the sodium content required for the rehydration). This soon washed down to a fairly pleasant aftertaste, which is of course quite a subjective opinion! I would recommend getting a small tube firstly before ordering in bulk if you had sensitive taste buds, just to be sure. Personally, I preferred to dilute it with more water than was intended as I liked the slightly weaker taste and felt the more water I was taking on the better.

Phizz unboxing and dissolving


After a couple of uses, I noted that I wasn’t feeling quite as thirsty in the mornings. I was also finally able to make it through a swimming session without cramps while towards the end! Although it should be noted that I was making a conscious effort was made to maintain decent water intake as well as using this product, I certainly think this product provided an additional helping hand.

I think it would be interesting to test this in periods of hot weather (I tried it in London around March time…not too tropical!) or after a long sports event such as a marathon/during a big match etc. It would also be interesting to see how they performed after a big night on the beer! When the summer rolls around I think I might just be giving this product another purchase.

OVERALL: 8 / 10


Now onto the second independent review of Phizz:


by Graham Davidson

Phizz Tablet unboxing and review

On opening the envelope the Phizz Tablets container looked much like other similar products on the market, however it stands out due to its bright orange/yellow design and clear messaging. Dosing of my usual hydration tablet is one per 500ml of water so I was surprised to see the instructions suggested 2 tablets in 300ml or one bottle / glass of water.


I tried one tablet in my usual water bottle to start with but this produced a weak tasting solution so I added a second tablet which significantly improved the strength of the flavour. Initially the citrus flavour came though clearly but there was a slightly bitter aftertaste. This was not unpleasant, especially as I was concentrating on my exercise, but I am used to a sweeter flavoured tablet. On subsequent use I used two tablets and, knowing what to expect, the orange flavour became much more apparent and I did not notice the aftertaste.


The tablets appeared to dissolve very well and during subsequent use I timed this at 3 mins and 35 secs from the moment I dropped them into the bottle. At the end of my exercise as I finished the last drops I did notice some tiny pieces of tablet on my tongue which clearly had not totally dissolved but I have also experienced this with other brands.

Phizz time to dissolve


During my normal 1 hour cycling turbo session I used for this test, the Phizz tablets kept me well hydrated and I felt great throughout the exercise. I will often drink a second bottle during my normal exercise routine and noting on the
instructions that no more than 4 Phizz tablets should be consumed within 24 hours I decided to use plain water but only needed about 100mls. Following the exercise, and a period of recovery, I was pleasantly surprised to find how
well I felt with no signs of the dehydration headaches I sometimes suffer from. On a subsequent exercise routine I still only used one bottle of Phizz with a secondary water bottle, I continued to drink water as usual afterwards and
again remained well hydrated for the rest of the day.

Phizz Tablet Dissolving


My usual indoor exercise routine is focused on following an online training programme or You tube training video and my mental performance is guided by the online/on screen activity so I am unsure if the Phizz tablets provide any additional benefit in this respect.


My 1 hr exercise programme started off easily, slowly ramped up to a sustained hard effort and culminated in a series of sprints at the end. During this effort my energy levels were buoyed up by maintaining my hydration with the Phizz Tablets and I felt I still had something left to give at the end. The endorphin boost provided by the exercise and my apparent improved fitness help to keep my energy levels up for a couple of hours after the exercise.


I was unsure if taking the Phizz tablets during exercise had any effect on reducing tiredness levels afterwards so I decided to take them as a supplement to my normal daily hydration intake during a non exercise day. I made up a 600mls drink with 2 Phizz tablets to replace the plain water I usually consume on my commute into work. I enjoyed having an orangey flavoured drink instead of water but I cannot say I felt any more energised than normal and I think this aspect requires more investigation.

Phizz Nutrition Information


I would be happy to use Phizz tablets as part of my hydration regime during exercise as I believe they do provide a boost when compared to plain water, have a pleasant taste and no side effects following use.  Requiring 2 tablets per use however, does double the cost over competitors products and this would be a factor for anyone wishing to use them on a daily basis. The effects of their use outside an exercise regime remains unclear in my mind.

You can read that our reviewers did a good job testing the claims from Phizz. We have tried them ourselves in the office and there is no doubt this will remain our most popular rehydration product on the website just from the office sales alone!

If you would like to buy Phizz tablets please click below:



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Caroline Dean
Caroline Dean

Caroline is our queen ambassador, organising all the free gifts that ambassadors receive in exchange for reviews. Caroline's passion is collecting all those half marathon medals (and annoyingly showing them off to us in the office!)

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