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In this review, one of our independent ambassadors, Mark Kmiec, takes the Altum Modual Multi-tool out for a spin.

Mark gets his hands dirty on his latest ride, and gives Altum the thumbs up.

I would highly recommend the Altum as I have not seen a product with the same amount of options come close to the weight and size.

Here is Mark's independent review.


Well presented on an informative looking instruction card. Cable ties are used to
secure both the pouch and tool to the board. Once removed you can open the pouch and find the attachments to be used with the tool. 

The attachments come in a holder and can be removed easily and slid into the main tool for storing. All parts of the tool are bought together using magnets making this storage secure and easy to snap together and pull apart.

Altum Modual tool bits


The number of attachments and different parts to the tool itself allow for pretty much all bike repairs. I haven't found any task you might need to do while away from home that the tool cannot be used for. There are some tasks I have come across, removing pedals, etc., but I would hope you are not planning to do that while out on a long ride!

The main tool piece incorporates 2 tyre levers, spanner heads, screwdriver heads and space to store and use the adaptors. The adaptors are different sized Allen keys, screws or torque screw heads. 

Altum Modual


There are two recommended ways to transport the Altum. Either in a jersey pouch pocket or attached to saddle. On the side of the pouch is an elastic strap to be used to hold a spare inner tube.


Very easy to mount however there was a lot of side to side wobble when giving the bike a shake. I was unsure how safely secured it was and especially concerned about the inner tube coming loose. I must say I was pleasantly surprised and at no point on any of my rides did I feel as though it was about to fall or feel the pouch shake.

Altum Modual


The Altum pouch and tools does fit easily inside most jersey pockets. I personally am not a fan of carrying tools in my jersey and normally reserve this space for nutrition.

It did however feel comfortable as the soft pouch stops anything digging into your back and it is evenly weighted.

Altum Modual


Overall I think it is an excellent space saving tool that could be used with or without the pouch as both the tool and attachments could be placed in an existing pack or frame compartment.

The build quality is very good and ergonomically designed. There are a few clever design features that I really like, such as the way the tyre levers are magnetic and slide into their slot. 

I would highly recommend the Altum as I have not seen a product with the same amount of options come close to the weight and size.

Top score from me: 9 / 10

NB: As with all our independent ambassador reviewers, Mark received the Altum free of charge in exchange for this independent review. You will see from our other reviews, that other products do not get off lightly...


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Caroline Dean
Caroline Dean

Caroline is our queen ambassador, organising all the free gifts that ambassadors receive in exchange for reviews. Caroline's passion is collecting all those half marathon medals (and annoyingly showing them off to us in the office!)

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